Taking the girls Skydiving

July 25, 2012 Leave a comment

If there is one thing I have been just dying to, it is to take my girls down to IFly Seattle, to give them a chance to experience body flight in the windtunnel… In fact I took them down there last year to check out the tunnel and give them an idea about what it was, and Lara has been begging me to go ever since..

Well, now its vacation time and we are trying to have a fun time together, while still staying in the area, so this seemed like a perfect time to do it. So yesterday I signed us up for some time today. The girls got to share a “Spread Your Wings) package with two flights each, and I order myself a block of 5 minutes… would I have want to order more, yes, sure, but when paying for 3 flyers I figured this would do it for today (it’s not like we can’t find other ways to burn true my cash during the vacation J). Judith might have considered going had things been better, but she joined us so she could watch the smiles on our faces and being the “official family photographer”.

So today we scoot4ed down to Tukwila to have a lot of fun. Now I got to say they have a pretty nice facility down there, and the staff is very friendly.. The guy at the check in desk was coming off his shift so he even offered me free coaching.. very nice of him, unfortunately the instructor on call didn’t think he was quite ready for that.. Oh well. Sucks for me J I got free coaching from his replacement.

So, without further comments, here are the videos of Laras first flight:

And Nisa first flight:


Hot tub works!

July 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Seems like an odd title, but the last couple of years there has always been something that needed to be fixed on the hottub for it to work.. leaks.. electrical (60 amp circuit breakers have my full attention). This year I cleaned it of (why does so many small animals think a hot tub is a good winter hiding place?) filled it up and turned it on.. and to my everlasting surprise it just worked and heated.. Hooray. I know where I will be this afternoon when todays work on the deck is finished!

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http://www.bbl.dk/ redirects again

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Its been quite a while since my domain url http://www.bbl.dk/ has correctly forward to my blog – actually it probably hasn’t worked since it  was migrated from live spaces, when it closed, to wordpress.com..
but i finally got my sh*t together and it should be working now 🙂

Btw. I want to give some Love to http://www.gratisdns.dk. They may be clueless wrt to web UI, but they offer a great service that lest me control my domain name for free, thanks!

Min kone er forfatter

July 7, 2011 Leave a comment

… so move over Hans Christian Andersen 🙂

Nej, seriøst, Judith har begået sin første bog kaldt “Between heaven and earth”. Vi er ved at fin-læse den og redigere den, og når vi er færdige vil hun selv-udgive den via Amazon.com. Indtil da har Judith oprettet sin nye blog på hendes nye web domæne: www.judiththomasberg.com. Her vil hun selv fortælle om bogen, processen, og hvad der kommer i fremtiden.. Jeg synes i hvertfald det er super spændende og rigtig flot det hun har givet sig i kast med.

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// Comments in code

February 2, 2011 1 comment

For all those devs who believe that writing comments in code will ensure someone (maybe even you) will fix it later:
You cannot manage a project that way, there are persons involved in decision-making around the features set who will not read your  code comment, so how can you believe those comments have any value in the process?

Good code comments make the not-so-obvious code obvious, and remember, the readers hardly ever have the same perspective on your code as you do, so it’s not what you find is important/obvious that counts. it’s what helps the read understand!

Ok.. got that off my chest.. now back to reading horrible code comments 🙂

Happy new year everyone

January 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy New year – We hope you all have a great 2011!!

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Skiing on Thanksgiving weekend.

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

First time ever, I have skied in November. and I even managed to get out twice. very nice. It ash started snowing pretty well in November, and the resorts started opening (Crystal Mountain was the first top open – although with limited operations).

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving (happy turkey day everyone), and it was also opening day for The Summit at Snoqualmie where we have bought season passes this.

Since Friday was a holiday, I wanted to take Lara up skiing, even the weather forecast looked like it might be a bit “iffy” driving up there. But on the other hand, that is exactly what ensured that the place wasn’t overrun by people, so we drove up there and hat a good time.

I managed to shoot a bit of video since Lara is not able to ride on her own, which leave my paws free to operate the camera:

Lara showing a surprisingly strong retention of lessons learned a long time ago. First day of the season and she is doing turns and stops..


On Sunday I went up with Nisa for a short day. It was short because we had something to do in the afternoon, and since Nisa is new to the ski thing, I didn’t want to overwhelm her. Unfortunately since she cannot ski on her own yet, I didn’t have my hands free to video her, so that will have to wait for another day.

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Why do…

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

… many blogs mix personal stuff with professional content?

… easy answer, because both is relevant to the writer -even though it  may not be relevant to the individual reader.. I choose what I write.. you choose what you read –  If you don’t like the mix, you are free to roam elsewhere Smile

So that being said.. I will start mixing in the future too… Mixing professional content posts with the rest of the stuff.. Just because sometimes I feel like paying back for the MANY accidental blog posts people have written which have helped solve my problems (well at least those that can be helped via blog posts Smile ).

New blog?

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok – why th h*ll can’t I log in to our blog from the front page of the blog? Why do i HAVE to go through the wrodpress site??

Ny familie blog…

September 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok. Så har Microsoft Live og WordPress.com startet et nyt samarbejde. Det betyder så at vores familie blog er blevet ændret og ligger nu hos https://dkpilot.wordpress.com. Det ser lidt anderledes ud, men det er da væsentligt bedre for os.. Så må vi se om vi kan få fingrene ud og skrive lidt oftere..

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