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Family flying trip to Stauning

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So – Finally – the time has come to take the little family flying. Man I have been waiting long for this. That goes double for the kids. I don’t know how many times I have had to say “soon” when Lara asked when she would be flying with Daddy.

So we loaded up the car – did all the planning with how to keep the kids cool when driving/flying anywhere longer than 15 minutes. Treats (bribes actually) and water for drinking are essential for keeping the kids quite. Actually they are more necessary when flying. Something to chew on or a water bottle to suck is good for “popping” their ears while climbing or descending. Also there is the question of how to keep the kids safe and harnessed while flying (you don’t want the little monkeys to run rampant around the small airplane cabin. For this we had planned ahead and bought a new car seat for Lara (she had to have a bigger one anyway) and  Nisa had grown up o use Lara’s seat.  Fortunately they can also be mounted in the back of the Piper (fortunate – ey?)  Pictures of this will come shortly.

We were planning to fly to Stauning  (a trip of 140 nautical miles from Roskilde) – the longest trip I had flown since flight school, it would be really cool because the weather would be beautiful (not a single cloud in sight) and a pretty decent visibility (25 km’s).  I planned the trip out so that we can fly by both the Storebælt bridge and Lillebælt bridge. Great with a few nice features to look at while flying. Mental note to the new pilot – don’t fly right over the feature, the cockpit doesn’t have a glass bottom 🙂

After crossing Lillebælt, I had planned to fly direct to Stauning. That mean crossing the Class D airspace of Billund Approach and passing directly over Billund Airport. I had no idea  whether they would permit us to do that, but if you don’t ask you don’t know, so after passing Lillebælt I called Billund Approach and asked for clearing, I was granted permission to cross over the airport and the airspace at Flight Level 45. How cools is that? I think it is a hoot to pass over mayor airports (tried it once at Copenhagen), so much fun to know all that big traffic is flying around underneath you and you can just “putter” along on your way 🙂

We left the airspace and was granted permission to pass the restricted areas in west Jutland- There are military shooting areas that could have been active, but as Billund Approach so nicely put it “It is weekend and the weather is too nice to play war, so they have all left on weekend and nobody is  down there – you are free to pass”. I just love to fly in Jutland the controllers are SO nice and a lot of fun to listen too. This is obviously a result of them being less stressed but they were a hoot to listen to. I was giggling quite a few times while listening to the radio – I think they were enjoying the sunny day just as much as we were.

Anywho – the approach to Stauning was coming up, and I had to descend with the normal care I give Judith – she get’s airsick really easy, so no sudden descending. I don’t feel like rewriting the old proverb “what goes up must come down” in to “when you go down, something will come up” 🙂 so we made a nice shallow descend, and the airport was visible 15 minutes before we landed so everything was peachy. I knew that this is and AFIS airport, which means a lot less strictly controlled compared to airports like Roskilde. This threw me of a bit off, because I had forgotten that I didn’t actually have to ask for permission to land. After the AFIS guy had said that he wasn’t aware of any other kind of traffic, I was in effect granted permission to do what I wanted, But I still called up asking for permission and the AFIS guy came back with the reply “oh what the hell – go right ahead 😉 “. Again, I love the light bantering tone. I get enough if the stringent by-the-book talk back home, so this just made me smile even more.

Well we landed without any problems. And as we taxied in I saw Lottie (we were there to visit Lottie and Alex who lives near Stauning) but I also spotted “Magiske Mads" who is one of my instructors from the flight school. He was over there for a weekend practice trip with some of the school students. Unfortunately he had heard my minor blooper on the radio and of course he had to tease me a bit with it. That is ok is though – it did make a mistake, so ok. We tried to see if we could make our plans fit so we could fly a little formation when flying back to Roskilde. Unfortunately they had to leave a bit earlier, But it was great to see them in Jutland.

We had our lunch and enjoyed the good company of our friends Alex and Lottie. Of course the lunch break would be over way too soon since we had to be back before sunset, and given my sunset experience from the day before (see my blog from Saturday the 23rd) I was determined not to get back this late. But of course time was slipping and we were expecting head winds while going back, so it was going to be a bit close again. And of course – what happens, even though you are planning ahead and are checking the kids and their diapers  to make sure they are clean before take of? As I finish my check lists on the ground and I get ready to call out my intentions on the radio? Nisa starts crying because she has a dirty diaper.. I bet you guys have never been changed while lying on the wings of a Piper 🙂 Well Nisa has..

Anywho we took of and flew home, the trip pack and it was almost uneventful, since the trip was (almost direct to) an hour and 45minutes of flying at the same level and same direction is almost boring, but it is good for the kids and Judith, nothing that can make the experience unpleasant for them.There was actually one thing that made the trip interesting. Billund Approach asked me to confirm my altitude and heading, and I did, and I was asked to make sure I maintained my altitude, since I had IFR traffic crossing at Flight Level 60 and I was at FL 55. That is only 500 feat (150 meters) – that is not a lot when a big Dornier aircraft is heading straight for you. Well not quite ,he passed behind me half a mile out, but at these speeds that felt awfully close, not scary (since Billund approach clearly had the situation under control). But a little close for comfort.

Anyway, we made it back 5 minutes before sunset, and we were able to see the beautiful sunset while taxing back to the hangar. A spectacular end to a beautiful day of flying.

I will be posting pictures from the trip as soon as I figure out the best way to get this CMS system to do it.

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