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Jogging the old flying memory

November 27, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, I actually managed to let 2 months pass since my last trip (the family trip to Stauning). I think it is so uncool since I can really feel how rusty I am already. I hope I get the opportunity to pick up the pace in Seattle. And then again, flying isn’t really hard. The only thing I had to take a little care about was the speeds, had to brush up on those for the Piper before leaving.

Sunday dawned, and I had promised a colleague here in Copenhagen that we would go flying before I move to Seattle. Well, given that the last month before moving will be hectic and the weather is predictably crappy, I thought we had to use the opportunity with the nice weather we had on sunday. So I called up Yuri and fortunately he was good to go.

We didn’t really plan anything all I had to care about was making sure I could get back before sundown. and with the sun setting around 4 in the afternoon, that becomes important. So we just took a trip up to "wave" at my house and pass around Frederiksborg castle and then flew back down to Hillerød – just a nice little trip to ensure I didn’t forget too much. I am sure I did, but again I proved to my self and my growing confidence that it really isn’t that hard to fly a plane – once you know how. Of course this was on a wuite sunday with plenty of visibility (nothing fancy but it was easy to navigate), so no big deal.

One of the good things about flying on sundays at Roskilde is it actually get’s really quite on sundays. not a lot of schooling going on so just a few sunday tourist like myself. Pretty nice because that means you can do anything (within reasons) as long as you ask first. So on re-entering the tower airspace around Roskilde, I asked if I could ignore the normal traffic pattern and just fly an ILS approach for fun. No problem – so I also got to practice that  a bit. Nice.

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